Schools need accountability and leadership

Parents have the right and responsibility to guide our children through life – which includes questioning what they’re learning. As our education systems become more focused on social constructs than fundamentals, schools are becoming indoctrination centers under the guise of diversity, inclusion, and equity. These teachings inhibit our students from reaching their full potential; what they need are basic skills that equip them to function as productive citizens and empowerment to overcome obstacles to realize their dreams.”

Equality of Opportunity in Education

Each student is invaluable and should be given the opportunity to work towards their dreams no matter what level they are at.


Mandates such as vaccination, masks, and social distancing were experimental on our children. Parents have the right to determine health care for their children.

Helping Students be Good Citizens

Students should learn that we are all one human race that need to work together for the good of society

Accountability to the constituents and parents who entrust their children.

The school board must be accountable to the taxpayers/constituents and not the administration, state school board associations, unions, or MN Department of Education.

The superintendent is accountable to the school board and the school board should never relinquish control to an employee of the school district.

School Boards are for the Community

Every person in the ISD728 school district has value and has a right to be heard. Transparency is a key to success.

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